Three Things to Consider When Initiating a Divorce in New Jersey

Based on a recent study conducted by the American Sociological Association, 70 percent of women initiate a divorce. That’s roughly two-thirds of women, and it is quite a confusing statistic, considering that society has primed women to anticipate marriage. Yet, they’re the ones who start the divorce process at an alarming rate. If you have already initiated a divorce, or considering initiating it in the near future, in our experience as a Bergen County and Monmouth County divorce lawyer and family lawyers, here are some important things to keep in mind:

How Will You Approach the Situation?

When mentioning the intent to divorce to your spouse, it is best to approach this conversation with caution. Schedule a time for you and your spouse to have a serious, in-person conversation. Be prepared to explain your reason for wanting to divorce and actively listen to your spouse’s concerns. Have an open mind, while remaining firm with your decision. Also, consider other factors that will be impacted by your soon-to-be divorce – such as finances, children, and living conditions.

What Will Be Your Plan for the Children?

Before you initiate the divorce, make sure you have a plan in place regarding custody. This might be a sensitive subject – especially if you are seeking primary custody (and the other parent is just as active as you are with the children). In this case, make plans to arrange for custody to be split between the two of you. Be fair and understanding. Also, be honest and forthcoming when explaining the divorce to your children. Depending on their age and maturity level, they might  be more understanding if they notice you’re being open and transparent with them.

Determine a Budget and Living Conditions

Since living expenses will no longer be split between you and your spouse, it is highly recommended to develop a budget and prepare for your new living arrangements. Organize your documents and make sure you have between 3-6 months of living expenses set aside. Also, ensure your credit is in good standing, in case you need to purchase an apartment or home of your own.

In conclusion, women are more likely to initiate a divorce than men. While this is a surprising and alarming statistic, the fact remains that there are important factors to consider when making the decision to divorce. No matter which party initiates the divorce first (husband or wife), preparation and  honest communication will alleviate a lot of stress caused by the divorce process.


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