A Bergen County Divorce Lawyer’s Best Guide To A Happy Divorce

Let me say first of all, divorce should never be taken lightly. Divorces often involve children, complex financial situations, legalities and liabilities that can make your head spin and will have a lasting impact on everyone you care about. Divorce is serious, complex, and life-changing.

That being said, divorce is sometimes the best thing that could ever happen to a couple.

“Happy” is probably the last word most people associate with divorce, but ultimately that’s everyone’s goal – to get to a better place for everyone involved. It is just as difficult to have a happy divorce as it would be to have a happy marriage, it takes work and it takes patience, and it takes love.

Divorce can be the best and most rewarding opportunity of your life. It has to be done right, with a level head, honest and open communication, mutual self-respect, and a lawyer’s advice. All too often divorcing couples let their relationship fall to pieces and never try to negotiate at all, which could lead to years of bitter resentment and costly legal battles.

That can all be avoided!

You might be ready to tell your partner to never speak to you again, or you might need to divorce your best friend so that you can get back to being the non-married best friends you were meant to be. There’s this whole spectrum, but everyone is aiming for happiness. And if you approach separating knowing that you’ll be happier and that your partner will be happier, there’s common ground to be found, you’ll negotiate with maturity and professionalism, and you will both thank each other for it in the long run.

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