A Monmouth County, New Jersey Family Lawyers Thoughts on Women Negotiating Their Happiness

Many years ago, I recalled seeing a study where kids were requested to do a task and then pay themselves whatever they deemed they were deserving. What was surprising was the girls rewarded themselves thirty–eighty percent less than the boys did. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Or, is it sadly, believable? 

In my experience as a woman divorce lawyer in Monmouth County, New Jersey, I have often found that women are aware of those hurdles mentioned above and the problems we face as a group, but all too often, we disqualify ourselves from being victims of society’s double standards. This is termed “denial of personal disadvantage,” which is prevalent among women who aren’t living up to their potential, not coming into being the best version of themself, and not receiving what they want out of life.

Let’s be honest, how many women are likely out there, troubled with something in their life and think it can’t be changed? I invite everyone reading this to take a detailed look at the circumstances in their life and see what that wish was altered, whether it’s a craft you gave up, a profession you wish you had sought, or a marriage that you wish you were out of.

There are tangible ways you can negotiate your way to a joyous life. Women have a consistent capacity to deal with practical solutions, and seldom, all you have to do is address a problem with a thoughtful, problem-solving mindset.

In contrast, women tend to deny emotions and wish for change until it arrives at a perilous breaking point. This is a poisonous behavior that builds up resentment and can cause a deal breaker where a positive outcome could have been reached.

If I could talk straight to a woman out there contemplating about creating a significant change in her career or marriage, I would tell them that life is too brief and too valuable not to be happy. You warrant the life you desire. You merit to be your most fabulous self. 

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