Considerations When Seeking A Top Family Lawyer in Bergen County, NJ

How does one define a great family lawyer? Simply put, in our opinion, greatness is attributed to family lawyers who have the ability to be better than others in their field. In our experience, we have found that the greatest family lawyers in Bergen County, NJ have a mix of professional and interpersonal skills that help to rank them as the best in their category. In our view, the top family lawyers are able to relate to clients, recognize their needs, and develop a plan that works best for their family.



In our view, family lawyers must be able to listen to a person’s reasons for wanting a divorce and understand why they have come to that conclusion. In our experience, the ability to connect with clients is important for a family lawyer. Getting a divorce is very personal, and everyone’s reason for wanting a divorce is not the same. A top family lawyer in Bergen County should actively listen to your story, make relevant and timely recommendations, and sympathize with you – which displays relatability.


 Recognizing Your Needs

Through actively listening to client’s stories, your family lawyer should be able to recognize your specific need in terms of a divorce. Amongst all the family lawyers in Bergen County, a top lawyer will likely encompass the intellect and interpersonal skills necessary to serve you properly. Being 100% transparent, having relevant, up-to-date information, and clearly stating your desired outcomes also helps. In our view, the best Bergen County family lawyers will recognize their client’s family dynamic and legal ramifications of their cases.


 Developing a Plan that Works Best for You

In some cases, a divorce may or may not be warranted. Depending on your circumstance, in our view, a great family lawyer will work with you to develop a plan that best suits the needs for you and your family. This is determined through fully listening to your story and recognizing your specific need. In our view, the greatest family lawyer will then educate you on a plan to meet your expected outcome.

All in all, top family lawyers in Bergen County, NJ have excellent interpersonal and communication skills paired with knowledge on current laws that affect you and your family. This helps to best assess a client’s needs and achieve desired outcomes. The best family lawyers in Bergen County should understand the importance of relatability, recognizing your needs, and tailoring a plan that specifically suits your family.  


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