How To Begin A Divorce in New Jersey

Filing for divorce in New Jersey

Although marriage is designed to be a lifetime commitment between couples, some seek a divorce for various reasons. At times, it is a decision that does not take much thought. Other times, the decision to divorce is calculated. While some people make life-changing resolutions to lose weight, save money, or start a business, some couples choose to start the divorce process. If this is you, please consider the following:

The divorce process itself can be very complex. When children are involved, it makes the process even more complicated. However, a great family lawyer in New Jersey will guide you through all of the nuances of filing a divorce while considering the needs of a child (or children).

Additionally, alimony and spousal support are important factors in a divorce too. When alimony is determined to be appropriate, it is the spouse’s responsibility to make regular, on-time payments. This can affect a party’s lifestyle, so it is important that the appropriate amount is calculated to avoid default. The division of assets and revenue between divorced couples will be considered too as assets acquired during the marriage are divisible between the two. It is important to work with a family law attorney to see how these assets should be distributed. 

As you can see, there are several determining factors to consider when proceeding with a divorce. A highly skilled and intelligent New Jersey family and divorce lawyer will help you with all of the tasks related to this process. 

If you have decided to move forward with filing for a divorce in New Jersey, please contact Bergen County, New Jersey-based family law attorney Sheena Burke Williams Esq.  

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