Three Major Reasons Why People Divorce

With today’s divorce rate being so high, some may wonder what are some of the main causes of divorce. Entering a marriage, both parties understand that it is for better or for worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health – however, forever is not an option for some couples. A divorce can occur because of several reasons. The most common reasons that we have encountered involve infidelity, a lack of compatibility, and financial hardships.


This should come as no surprise. When a spouse breaks the covenant of marriage to pursue a (long-term or short-term) relationship with someone else, divorce is ultimately expected. According to some divorce statistics, 22% of men have committed adultery, and 14% of women have also admitted to infidelity. Some married couples who have experienced infidelity somehow found a way to stay together after finding out. However, we have found that most would agree that affairs can definitely ruin the trust, bond, and communication within a marriage. When those three factors are missing, it is recommended to seek a divorce lawyer. In our practice, we find that top Bergen County and Monmouth County, NJ divorce lawyers are well-equipped to handle cases involving infidelity, and can ensure the highest level of professionalism, confidentiality, and fairness regarding your case.

Lack of Compatibility

This usually occurs when couples get married too soon and do not take a considerable amount of time to get to know each other. As divorce lawyers, we have noticed that after a few short years (or even months), couples discover that perhaps they should have just been friends. People change. They may cultivate new habits and norms that their spouse has no interest in. Change is inevitable and sometimes it is unlikely that the person you marry will remain the same. Compatibility is no longer there. The “spark” has withered and instead of trying to make it work, couples proceed with filing for a divorce.

Financial Hardships

Last, but not least, experiencing financial hardships is another major reason why couples divorce. Money issues cause stress. Stress causes a lack of communication. A lack of communication can result in a lack of trust or infidelity. Furthermore, if one spouse is frugal and the other is a compulsive spender, in some cases, it can ultimately be a lack of compatibility. When someone is laid off from a job, it can cause financial strain on the family (especially if there is no emergency fund). There are ways to rectify financial hardships, but some cases are so irreconcilable, that divorce is a viable option. Money plays a significant role in a marriage, and is often the cause as to why many couples divorce.

In conclusion, almost all marriages will have a rough patch. It is important to understand why divorces occur in the first place. Learn from others, so you can avoid having to file for a divorce. On the other hand, if you feel you have exhausted all options, and divorce is your only choice, a top divorce lawyer may be necessary to represent you in your case.

If you live in Bergen County or Monmouth County, New Jersey, and may be facing the possibility of divorce, to learn more, ask questions, and seek advice, give NJ “Super Lawyers Rising Star” divorce lawyer and family law attorney Sheena Burke Williams Esq. a call. She’d love to talk.


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